NCBI's Bookshelf

Looking for more biomedical books than what we have in our collection here at Carnegie Mellon? NCBI—National Center for Biotechnology Information provides the NCBI Bookshelf.

An example online title available via the Bookshelf is the 2nd edition of The Cell: A Molecular Approach by Geoffrey M. Cooper. (The Engineering and Science Library has the 1st edition.)

Check out NCBI's website for more classic biology and medical titles and to search the collection; as well as, to take a look at the other resources they have to offer via their powerful search engine.


Knovel University Challenge

Attention all CIT students!
Take a minute next week (starting on 9/14) to answer 3 questions by participating in the Knovel University Challenge contest.
Win prizes! Help Carnegie Mellon get rewarded for 100 correct entries or more:

About the Contest

Carnegie Mellon subscribes to the Knovel database. Perhaps you will find it of research value to you! Use it as a tool to increase your productivity. Our subscription includes 1,700+ full-text handbooks and technical references.

Go to our home page: search.library.cmu.edu. Click on Articles & Databases. Then, click on Databases A-Z. Then, click on K to get to the Knovel link.

Read about how engineers have solved problems on Knovel’s “Solution Stories” page: