Chemical prices

This posting is geared toward Chemical Engineering students who will use ICIS Chemical Business to view historical chemical prices. The “student page” is currently still available.

To go to the direct link: historical chemical prices.
August 2006 prices are the last listed.

If you would like to log-in to ICIS chemical business in order to search ICIS articles, please email us at Science Libraries for the User Name and Password.

Like many of my librarian colleagues, I want to be able to “have an answer” for students looking for chemical pricing information. The one company that has provided this is ICIS—the replacement for Chemical Market Reporter.

Randy Reichardt, Research and Services Librarian, from the Science and Technology Library at the University of Alberta has been on the case to keep ICIS aware of this need. Recently, H. Stephen McMinn, Science and Technology Librarian from Iowa State University referred to Randy’s work in his SciTech Library Question post from “Re-Engineering Libraries”.