Now Available: Materials Research Society Online Proceedings

We are pleased to announce our new subscription to MRS Online Proceedings! The subscription to MRS Online currently provides full text access to roughly 30,000 papers from 1997 to present and by 2010 will include all proceedings past and present. Want more? MRS Online also provides full text access to MRS Bulletin from 2001 to present, presentations and tutorials from MRS meetings, and access to job classified ads. Access to MRS Online is available through our online databases.

Also remember to check out our subscription to the MRS Journal of Materials Research with online full text availability from the journal's first issue in 1986 through the most recent issue.

Happy Researching!


Engineering News Tidbits

CMU Robotics! First and foremost, CMU was named in CNET's special report, A user's guide to robotics higher ed. Colin Angle, the CEO of iRobot (maker of the Roomba), named Carnegie Mellon as one of the top three "places that we make sure we know what's going on," as far as robotics innovation goes.

Big news in lasers and fusion! The National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California has built the world's largest laser. From this article: "The record-breaking laser is made up of 192 individual beams, each about 40 centimeters square." According to the BBC, this laser was built for three reasons, including the exploration of fusion in the context of nuclear explosions, the exploration of fusion as an energy source, and the exploration of fusion in stars. A video about how the laser works (warning, there is a short ad before the video starts) is available here.

Making the world: In our search for interesting engineering news, we found a video showing how globes are made:

Biomedical news! Scientific American's July issue has an article called "Yanking Pathogens Out of Blood with Magnets." You can come see it in the Engineering & Science Library's reading area or check it out online here.